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Period : Jan.1 every year
Location : White Sands of Jeongdongjin Beach
Host : Gangneung City
Reference : Dept. of Tourism

Jeongdongjin that is famous for the hourglass has been highlighted as another tourist attraction to the extent that tickets of the sunrise train were sold out several months ago. Jeongdongjin where you can enjoy the inexpressible beautiful elegant scenery such as the pine trees lying slanted by the sea wind, the clear blue sea near to the railroad just like getting it wet, steep cliff, coastal road, railroad bank road, and wild flowers blooming along the road.

In Jeongdongjin “Hourglass Rotation Event” that starts a new year again by rotating the hourglass a half round at midnight of Dec. 31 with the management of Chambit AD, fireworks, drum concert, and modern dance are performed.