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Hotel Hyundai Gyeongpodae
Address : 274-1, Gangmun-dong, Gangneung city
Grade : special
No. of Rooms : 96 rooms (Western-71, Korean-25)
Contact No : 033-651-2233
Homepage : http://www.hyundaihotel.com/

You can look at the Gyeongpo lake and the East Sea at a look in this place.
Traditional Hotel Hyeondae which has 30 years of history and is based on the nature has 92 various rooms of Santa Fe European, and Mediterranean style.
We prepared Korean restaurant which is trying to make Korean traditional flavor and, we promise that you can have a enjoyable time with quality extra-large event, small event for a family and satisfactory atmosphere.

[Parking Lot]
1,000 ㎡ outside
6 stories on ground, 2 stories under ground
[Incidental Facilities]
large.middle.small banquet hall, tennis court, observation platform of sunrise, lawn square (for campfire)

[Rate for a Room]
Following is the rate for low-demand season.
(10 percent of tax and rate for service will be added to the rate.)

sort rate
Standard(hypocaust)- near lake/beach 100,000 / 140,000won
Superior(bed/hypocaust)-near lake/beach 130,000 / 150,000won
Deluxe(bed/hypocaust)-near lake/beach 140,000 / 160,000won
Ocean floor(double/twin) 250,000 / 270,000won
Junior suite(bed/hypocaust) 340,000won
Senior suite(bed/hypocaust) 480,000won
Royal suite(bed/hypocaust) 700,000won